You and Your Confidence

Back then, i wasn't always the confident kid. In class, even though i knew the answer to a question, i wouldn't raise up my hand, and if i did answer the question, I'd always mutter. My French teacher had to use a cane on me for always being timid in answering her questions. The way i gave my answers must have annoyed her (Laughs) despite being one of her best students.
I know a lot of people who have low self esteem/confidence.
It could be as a result of one's family background or circumstances surrounding one.
Having low self confidence limits us far beyond what we can imagine. In life, one has to take risks to be successful, and these risks would require a lot of confidence, but if you don't take these risks (being limited by your confidence) how do you expect to grow and become successful?
Sometimes failure can be a source of low self confidence, but whenever i face failures, i like to console myself with a popular adage which says:
I found my confidence in Christ. If i had this kind of confidence which i have now, in the past, i probably would've done a lot of things. I would've joined competitions etc. But no! I was too shy!
It's a shame how people miss a lot of opportunities because of their confidence level.
If you have a talent, show it! Don't let it die in your bed room!
I wasn't confident about my singing, my friend once told me i sounded horrible but i didn't let it deter me. I went on practicing and along the line, people started to compliment my voice, i got some invitations to sing as well. (Maybe I'm over exaggerating)
I myself am still working on my confidence, i can't say I'm so bold, but whenever an opportunity arises for me to show case my skills in anyway, i grab it, no matter how scared i am.
To overcome your fear, you have to do that thing which scares you.
I was at  writer's conference once. I was scared of voicing out my opinion because i was about the youngest there and my confidence was quite low. But i stood up to the challenge, grabbed a mic (as i spoke, i could hear my heart pounding) and shared my opinion. When i was done i sat down, and then
i realized that hey! That wasn't so bad! I had overcome my fear and raised my confidence level.


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