The 'Wait'

She thinks she’s not pretty, so every teenager thinks too. She wants to be different. Different and unique, she wants to know what her talents are, she wants to know what her future holds. Whatever she does, she feels she’s no good at it. Even when she’s complimented, she wants to believe it but no, it just doesn’t sink. For quite sometime now, like every normal teenage girl, she has been receiving advances from the opposite sex, but never had she taken or accepted any of them. Her brothers warn her about these supposedly "wolves in sheep clothing" called boys. They advised her to wait until she’s older. Well now, she has survived through high school without having any REAL boyfriends, about to enter college, still she doesn’t have one. Thats something to write home about, yeah? But not for long, her hormones are beginning to kick! She wants to know what LOVE feels like,well happily sex is not a priority now, her education is more important. Perhaps she could wait, she thinks to herself. She wants to know what it feels like to know that she has someone who’s got her back and loves her without condition. If only she realized that there was one person forever who did, Jesus :) Time after time, day after day, she kept on asking herself if she was actually normal? Why she had never fallen in love with a boy before. If she was ever going to fall.. If it was right rejecting all those boys that came after her... Most of all if she was ever going to find that perfect somebody that
was going to love her as long as she loved him. Well, i guess there are still girls out there who at least have a tinge of dignity in them to wait till marriage to enjoy some things. I believe Waiting till marriage is the right choice for a girl to make. So don’t worry, you’re not abnormal, i love you for trying to do the right thing, but Christ loves you even more


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