Away from Home

My only wish,
Is to run away from home
To a faraway land where no one knows me,
Where all there is,
Is joy, peace and happiness.
If only i could escape from my self,
If only i could walk in the Queen's
Shoes for a day.
I know that;
Happiness is but an illusion,
It seems so far away.
Take me away from home,
Oh! Does my Creator hear me.
I want nothing to do with sadness
I want no part of pain.
Take me on a trip to the moon
Take me to London
 Take me to the Eiffel tower
Take me far away from home,
Away from tears,
I want a future
I dream of a future
But, i always wake up to my pains.
No one knows what my sadness feels like
Only i alone know it
And i hide it so well.


This must be how children from broken families feel.
Maybe not all of them feel this way. I believe it sure is a saddening experience.View blog post


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