The time has come
For my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own
All cause you won't

I'm not exactly a fan of Beyonce. But these lyrics from her song 'listen' have always tickled my ears and mind.

The time has come for my dreams to be heard.. I dream that someday I'll be better than Miss Chimamanda and win the Caine prize for African writing 3 times and even more, play the guitar better than Asa, and sing better than Beyonce and Kim Burrell.. etc.
They won't remain dreams, they have got to be my reality. Soon!

They will not be pushed aside.. by JAMB or any other miserable obstacle.

And turned into your own... they will not be turned into what my father wants me to be. Except God has a better plan for me, then I'd abandon mine and aim for the higher calling, by His grace.

All cause you won't listen.. I've a friend who loves to play the guitar and piano, he sings too. But his Dad wants him to do something else. He would always seize the young boy's piano or prohibit him from playing the guitar. He is also a very good artist, draws well, but his Dad doesn't see any good in all his gifts. It's sad how parents kill the dreams and future of their sons and daughters.

If Picasso's father wanted him to be a doctor, there would have been no Picasso. Parents should be guiding blocks, and not stumbling blocks to their children.

NUGGET#1 Whatever you're dreaming of, start doing it now.

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