Actually, i don't feel like naming this article 'TALENT' i'm tired of seeing that name. It's almost an eye sore.

Back to what i was saying...
I have a friend whom i thought, was good at almost everything. She cooked quite well (so she told me), she wrote poems, she was very artistic in nature, always drawing, she had some 'woman-like tendencies' at a very tender age, she was cool, funny, I'm not sure if she could dance, she could sing, she could do this and that.
For sometime, i envied her (Which is bad bad bad. God abhors Envy), i wondered what i could do. I tried to draw, but wasn't so good. I thought i had no talents in me, feeling irrelevant.
I know, many people in the world feel this way at some point in their lives. They try to fit into other people's shoes when they can't seem to find their true calling.

Most of them see their talents, but fail to recognize them as talents.

Mary Karen loved that her elder sister could bake and owned her own bakery. Her elder brother was also a wealthy musician. Both had children, and Mary Karen so loved to take care of the children. She worked with a bank and was earning a good pay, but was unhappy. Sad and depressed, she wondered what her talents were. She didn't feel satisfied working at the bank, so she quit her job. Becoming even more helpless. But today, mary karen is worth more than a billion dollars.
Simple! Before she quit her job, she attended a few seminars on developing oneself. She came to a realization that she was gifted in the area of children, and not banking. So she quit, and began looking for creative means of doing what she loved most and also making her money. Today, she owns a chain of reputable day cares and nurseries all over Paris, has her own baby clothing line and produces baby products ranging from lotions to diapers.

THAT is how many of us are. Until we discover our point(s) of relevance, we'll never feel satisfied, and we'll never go beyond our mediocre paycheks nor exploit our full potentials.
Until we surrender our lives to He who is above us, we'll always feel an inner sense of  emptiness.
I believe everyone has a gift.
It could be cooking(you can become a rich chef, open your own chain food stores)
It could be criticism. Become a reputable food critic, book critic, get paid for analyzing and criticizing works of art, etc.
You could be good at accounting, open your own business, go into investment, real estate etc.
You could be good at watching movies, but don't watch alone, go into producing the movies you want to watch, that way you get paid, and also watch your very own movie. The list of giftings go on and on.
Don't ask me how to discover your talents, go and read motivational books, and your Bible.


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