I love those movies where the Mother and the daughter behave like sisters. So cute!
I adore such relationships, it makes a girl closer to her mother and she'll be able to comfortably ask her mother for help or speak to her mother on certain things.

I know of a girl who was sexually harassed by a man right in front of her own house. She reported the issue to two of her fast friends.
The first friend laughed over it and didn't take it seriously, perhaps seeing nothing wrong in it.
Whereas the second friend was concerned and asked her to report the issue to her mother, but her mother had traveled.
When her mother finally came back, that same man came to work for her mother, he behaved as though he had never seen or touched her before. She was uncomfortable and annoyed, v thought of telling her mother BUT couldn't bring herself to. WHY?
Neither she nor her mother had a close mother-daughter relationship. Also, it wasn't an easy thing to narrate to her mother and
 She wasn't sure if her mother would believe her. She never spoke of it again, not to her friends or her mother.

It's a very sad story. Recounting it breaks my heart. A lot of things we don't know of are happening to our girls today. They're too scared to open up, they aren't bold enough, they are afraid of castigation.
Having loving and caring parents can make a girl child easily open up and unburden all her pains.
A good mother is usually a girls best friend, ( although the girls don't recognize this early in life, but later on)
And the first person a girl would run back home to, in tears.

It's a good thing for a young girl to have a mother figure in her life. Be it an aunty, or a guardian, a teacher, etc.


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