Does any one ever feel sad after spending a lot of money? Anyone?
 Well i do. Just spent a whole lot of cash on my hair. The hair looked so weird. I had to buy a handkerchief to cover it so i could avoid weird stares in the direction of my head.
Came back home and my mom was so disappointed in me for spending so much money on such an ugly hair.
Now I'm annoyed! I should've haggled well! Problem with me is that I'm always scared of haggling with an older person, but right now! I've made a decision!
I'll haggle everything no matter if the person is soo old. I really am pissed! Yeah yeah, the money is gone, i know right?
Sometimes God uses unfavourable events to make us tougher.
I'm still really pissed! From today hence forth, I WILL HAGGLE WITH EXPERIENCE! Can't be losing money any how.
Are you a spend thrift too? Watch how you spend that cash! Saving it won't hurt.


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