What's your success story

There's always a story before glory.

Rising musicians sing about their hard life before they came to the lime light.
Writers write about their past struggles. Every body has his or her own story to tell. What's yours? 
I once read an interview on Chimamanda Adichie - as an ardent fan of hers, i read every readable thing about her. She indirectly mentioned being a straight A student, always acing all her papers. Then i said to myself, yes! I want to be like her!
 I'm going to be as good a writer as she is! I'm going to ace all my papers too. I was excited, like every fan would be after reading a good article on his or her 'fave' writer, artist or role model. 
When the results for a particular exam i wrote were released, i felt enthusiastic about it, thinking i was going to score high, just like Chimamanda did. But to my utmost shock, my grades were poor!
Yeah... I sulked, wondering why and how i didn't ace my papers just like she did. Why me? I cried! But i read so hard! 
Why didn't i ace my papers like Miss Adichie did hers. Then it hit me! Everyone's story is different. 
Because Chimamanda made high grades didn't mean i had to make high grades too before I could write like her.
Some people grow from glory to glory while others grow from grass to glory. 
Sometimes, these so called celebs we look up to, make the journey to success seem quite easy, (I'm not saying it's easy, neither am i saying it's tough) that when we try to walk in their footsteps, we finally realize that the road isn't as easy as it seemed at first. Then we quit! 
I believe one's success story shouldn't be built on someone else's.
Just like they say; one man's food is another man's poison. 
No matter how much failure you face, no matter how tough the road might seem. If you're really determined to get to the top, you'll surely get there, with a lot of perseverance and God on your side. Who knows, your story of failure before success could tomorrow inspire the younger generation to keep going forward no matter the obstacle. 

So Mr A's success story doesn't have to be your own success story. Be unique. But just in case, if your failures are too much, hmmm.. you never know, it could be from your village



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