A fresher's experience

I dislike standing in queues. I'm the kind of person who is more likely to cut corners in order to get to the front of the line. But you see, i don't like people who cut corners either. They just cause more confusion and make everything so disorganized.

 Sometimes, University freshers could be very foolish. They just love to rush for things! Things that would still be available even in the next four years.
Like library cards. Some students spend their entire years in university without visiting the library.
But these freshers would cram themselves like crayfish, struggling to get library cards which they can obtain whenever they wish! Even in their 200 Level #Sigh
So in order to avoid standing in a queue to get my fee clearance card, i conceived a very sinister plan (evil laugh)
Very evil was my plan that the much evilness in it caused it to fail!
I decided to go get my fee clearance card on the day of orientation.
(Orientations are really boring, but freshers don't mind attending boring stuff, in fact, boring stuff excites them).
I knew that all the students would be at the orientation hall, so there would be less or no queues for me.
When i got to the bursary, there were no queues.
Eureka! What a wonderful world♪
I went straight to the counter, okay, i met a nice witch, Hillary, before i went to the counter, because my plots were so evil, she decided to help me out..
To cut the long story short, the man behind the counter informed me that, due to my smart and brainy sinister plan, which is rare of a fresher like myself, i could not get a fee clearance card. It had finished!
[Sigh again.]
So much for my plan. Now i guess I'd have to stand in a queue again, whenever the clearance cards are available.


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