I immediately opened the box and found a small note in it which read: 'Wear this, I'll be there to pick you up by 4:30pm. Big day ahead.
your manager.'
No time! I quickly jumped into the bathroom and poured cold water on myself, oh! How I hated cold water with love. But i was too happy to care, so i let my mind wander off. Big day ahead, i kept on repeating to myself, wondering what surprise this so called manager of mine had in store for me, maybe my elder brother was at his worst again, playing pranks on me, but i couldn't care less. Being pranked by my elder brother was way better than doing nothing at home. When i got out of the shower, i went straight to the box.
Unbelievable! No way! A little black dress! OMG! I had seen those dresses on TV, never thought i could own one, that's if this, was really mine. It was decorated with sequins at the neck, the back was netted, and so were the sleeves. Best part, it was a flair gown, kneee length! It was so fairytale like.
Perfectly fitting my body frame. This was the best prank ever! Or was this really a prank? Who was this manager, could it be my brother, faking? Could it be that it's Christmas, maybe my brother was only being nice that day. Never! He had always been a thorn in my flesh. I'm going to play along with this game, i thought aloud as i dipped my hand further into the box and brought out a pair of flats, they were made of fabric, tough black jean like fabric with golden baby spikes on it, weirdly enough it matched with my out fit. I loved it! Wheew, thank God they were flats. I know a short girl like myself should probably stick to heels, but funny enough, flats were my thing, i felt comfy in them, but never in heels.
I put on my gown. Wow, it even had a bow behind it, i noticed. Now i looked just like Dawn Avalon, one of the characters in my favorite novel, queenie. Or better still, one could say i looked like a true belle, a true Mira-belle.
My phone came alive with Asa's song, Awe. It was my brother calling,
'Yeah! Calling me to check if your prank is going as planned?' I barked into the receiver end of my phone as i answered his call.
' Come outside, I'm waiting for you. It's time to go.'
He dropped the call before i was able to ask another question.
I hadn't even done my makeup yet and my dreads were up in a mess. I quickly fixed up my face and brushed my locks into a pattern and zoomed off, forgetting to take my phone along with me.
The car outside my house was just breathtakingly incredible. I had no idea whatsoever its name. But it was sleek, and posh, and yellow in colour. It wasn't even a left hand drive car, but a right hand drive car. I was excited, however, i controlled myself. The chauffeur opened the door for me. This all felt surreal! Was i for real? I kept on asking myself.
Truly, my brother was in that car, but he didn't look like the elder brother i had known. He garbed himself in a suit, and there was some fine young Lady beside him. She introduced herself as Toke Makinwa and said she had heard a lot about how talented i was, and how proud she was of me. That got my head swelling! I couldn't remember exactly what happened in the car, seemed like time had been fast forwarding itself.
I found myself standing at the counter of SFC, ordering something. Some girls were standing at the other side, seriously waving at me, and giggling. It seemed as though the Governor's daughter was among the girls, but i couldn't recognize the rest, as courtesy demanded, i waved back. All eyes were on me as i was leaving. Why were they all staring? Did i wear something wrong? Was my hair too messy? Some just smiled, some were lost in their gazes. Either way, i was savoring all that attention.
Next thing, i was inside cultural centre, with hundreds of people. These weren't just the normal everyday calabar people. They were different, well dressed, and unfamiliar.
A black tie event! There i was, looking for my brother, when i finally found him, i went up to him, confused. All he could say to me was
'Go look around, it's your day, you're the star of the event.'
That confused me even the more. Star of what? I could remember asking, but received no answer. I must've been living life on the fast lane. There were people all over, big men in suits, and there i was, accompanying my brother to a huge event that i knew nothing about.
Someone tapped my shoulder from behind. When i turned around, it was a Lady in a bowler hat with dreads beneath it.
'Well done, Mirabelle.' She smiled as she rightly pronounced my name, 'You've made us all proud, you go girl. It's a pleasure meeting you.'
She left to meet other guests at the event. Only after moments of brainstorming did i realize that was Asa! I had finally met Asa! And she said it was a pleasure for her meeting me, how come?
Out of the deep blues, someone suddenly yelled out my name. I didn't know who it was, but whoever it was wanted my presence to be noticed. A lot of people were making their way towards me. The cameras were wildly flashing towards my direction.
 Even Genevieve was at the event, she waved at me as though she had known me for about three years. That felt good! I was beginning to warm up to all the attention.
Then she advanced my way, Our very own Chimamanda was making her way towards me, we were about to hug when something like lightening struck my feet, a very familiar pain! Chimamanda's arms suddenly began to turn into cassava sticks and the whole place went dim. Goodness gracious! What was happening?  Another strike again and i saw a dark figure at the foot of my bed. Could that be a demon? My mind went wild!
'Is this how you wash pots in your village?' The figure stood, pointing at a blackened pot with indomie stains in it, raving.

Oh my God! My mom had just woken me up from the best dream i had ever had in 6,000 years over a pot. That day, i simply made up my mind to do the wisest thing ever. I packed up my little luggage and headed back to my hostel. Period!


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