Blame tales

I knew someone, we were quite close. I always thought she was enjoying her life. She was the cool kind of girl, always in a cheerful spirit.
Once, i had traveled to another state, i knew she wasn't really someone who called people a lot on phone, but i was annoyed with her, she hadn't even texted or called me for weeks.
When i finally met her online, on whatsapp. I vented out my anger on her, accusing her of 'throwing me away'.
She teased me about it, i guess she was trying to pacify my anger. But i didn't buy her jokes. I thought she had forgotten about me, probably having fun with some new friends. I was shocked when she said to me;
'Look, I'm going through a rough time right now, my parents are about getting divorced, my life is beginning to feel like a mess. Don't get on my last nerve by giving me all that i threw you away crap, don't tell me I've been enjoying, you don't know what It feels like being me!'

Wow! I felt so stupid for being angry at her. I had no idea what she had been going through. She had even tried to indirectly tell me she was sorry for not being in touch. I should've been the one apologizing, i misjudged her. She had hidden her sadness so much.
That's the reason why i never blame people whenever they don't keep in touch. I have no idea what their journey has been like.



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