They say Christians are boring. They say we're too spiritual. They don't like us! They say we pretend a lot!  Well, na dem get their mouth. I know being  Christian carries the best feeling in the world.
It's so unexplainable! That feeling! My God!
It's just warm, it's even better than warm, better than calm. There's no word on earth to describe it! It's soo hagsjdhdhdj (laughs) yes! That's just how it feels being in Christ, unexplainable.
 When we party and have fun, there's always this ephemeral tingle that comes with it.
When we think of the good old days, a sweet feeling comes with it. 
But when we're in the presence of God and we carry all our burdens to Him, there's that feeling! Better experienced than said! It's soo calm!! Highly pleasurable! Better than the sweetest ice cream!
I have met the best friends in life! I don't deserve them, not even 20%. They endure my annoying traits. Even when I'm so undependable, they still trust in me! They bring out the best in Me! And they are Christians! I strongly believe that i don't deserve magnificent creatures like them! Probably not even in the next five years! They are too wonderful! I wish for them, Haven! Because wishing them long life, prosperity, blessings is little! They deserve more! They deserve heaven! I don't deserve anything God gives me either! I wish i could love like Jesus.
Christianity is wonderful! Christ is sweet! Christian friends are sweet! God is too Good!
Dedicated to Kelly, Elizabeth, and Miracle :D



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