Experience, your teacher

Why do we always learn life's lessons late?
We mess up our lives, only to realize that we could've done things in a different way and avoided all the mess.
But well, i guess such is life.
Experience is the best teacher.
But sometimes i hate rough experiences, i mean, don't we all? We just wish we could skip the rough part and jump right into the rosey part.
The painful thing is that sometimes, we never seem to learn anything from our past mistakes, even when experience catches up with us on several occasions, trying to show us our faulty areas, we ignore it and keep on repeating our mistakes. Blaming it on witches and innocent people, whereas we are actually the cause of our problems.
There are just some experiences we can't escape any way, i believe it's God's way of strengthening us.
But still, there's still a way to beat bad experiences, BY LEARNING FROM HISTORY.
I also believe the Bible is a way, of teaching us about people's past mistakes, so we all can avoid moving in the same path.
And also we have google! I learn a lot from google, believe me! I search about people's history, why they fell, their weak points, and learn from their experiences.
That way i simply learn how to avoid some costly and time wasting experiences.


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