You see, in life, we often forsake the silver rule of friendship. And what rule could that be?

Mind the kind of friends you keep.
This rule has really kept me going.
I specifically remember the kind of friends i had back in sec school, some led me to my regrettable moments, some were just mere friends, didn't add any value to my life, others made me work hard, and ONE, simply brought out the best in me, but she left the country rather too early, I'll always remember her. Why? Because she was a good friend, a best friend (though i never told her any way).
One of the reasons why i read so hard for my WAEC and NECO was that my closest pal in school kept on getting all the best grades, i was tired of her beating me in tests, so that made me sit up.
There goes the power of friendship! Being Friends with her, subconsciously motivated me to work hard to earn better grades.
That's the same thing friendship does to us, we don't know it, but daily, we're turning into our Friends.
If you walk with a friend who smokes, you stand a high chance of smoking yourself.
So watch that friend!
Your Friends will determine where you'll get to in life.

NUGGETY NUGGET- You can not travel with successful men and remain a failure



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