From Conductor to Governor

Everybody wants to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a this and that. But how come i rarely hear people say, i want to be a tailor, i want to be an artist, a shoe maker, a builder or even a teacher.

 These white collar jobs aren't any better than these other jobs which the society looks down on.
A tailor can make a lot of money, yes! A tailor can go further to being a fashion designer. Open a clothing line. S/he can become an employer of many! All one has to do is THINK BIG!
There are many artists out there, who can make greater works of art than the richer artists who are in the limelight. Like i said, all that is needed is to THINK BIG! Plan, strategize, develop your marketing, communication and selling skills. Go for art competitions etc.
Shoe makers don't always have to be poor, these guys are really crafty! What stops these shoe makers from making those #12,000 Ladies heels? Maybe no money!
Easier said than done anyway.

I read a novel about a young boy, whose father died when he was still a teenager, the burdens of his family fell on his inexperienced shoulders. He started out as a bus conductor (these are people the society would look upon and label them as people without a future), after some years of hard work, he acquired his very own bus, from one bus, he bought another, and another and many others. Then he opened his own automobile company, he went on and on, becoming a people's person. Before one knew it, he entered into politics and became the governor of a state.


WHO IS GOING TO SEW OUR CLOTHES AND MEND OUR SHOES if everybody wants to be a doctor or an engineer?
 Some people are actually created to be teachers, who would end up owning a chain of schools and even become one of the richest men in their communities. But because they see teachers as low beings, not knowing it is actually their calling, they go and study medicine or chemistry in school, at the end, working as a mediocre medical doctor, whose paycheck is on par.


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