God's way

There are times when we want an A, but God gives us a G.
I can recount a hundred and sixty million times minus four hundred times divided by two hundred and seventy seven times when i wanted something, but didn't get what i wanted. I felt as though God had given an inferior thing.
What i didn't realize was that it wasn't actually inferior, it may have seemed so, but it was only God's way of giving me something even better than what i asked for.
I know someone who really wanted to study medicine, but for several years, was disappointed. She got into radiography and not the medicine.
Today, she has come to realize that the pain was all for a gain. She is now a well sought after medical imaging scientist.
What if she got into medicine any way? Would she have been where she is today?
Probably not! We can see how God works.

All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.
So my dear, if you feel that God didn't give you what you want, don't worry, he sure has a better thing for you, better than what you asked.


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