I'm glad i have quite a number of friends who push me towards being better, and i can easily point them out without any qualms.
Motivation is something everybody needs. Even the most successful people need it, alongside inspiration.
If you know you can push someone to being better, do it! Don't wait for that person to fall before you do it.
Motivation is like a driving force, it fuels even the most confident persons we know.
Yesterday, i was opportuned to be with Johnnykeyzz and DOB, two musicians and instrumentalists.
I got a lot of support and advice from Johnny [Motivation wise].
We did a little freestyle together, with him on the keyboard, and it got some female heads turning in our direction. That was like an xtra motivation.
In all, we give God the glory.
So motivate! Motivate everybody! Your neighbor! Those you don't know as well! Motivate! It won't remove any wisdom from you.
A candle does not lose anything by lighting another candle.


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