Ms SHY'lock

Shy, timid, cautious, call it by whatever name you wish to. I was at a girl's birthday celebration sometime ago. Something about her behavior ticked me off, but i found it quite interesting. I couldn't stop asking myself this question:
'Why are people so shy?'
I know, people are usually shy, some get over their shyness, others try to cover it up, while others just totally show it!
I too am quite shy, but i love to watch bold people, they make me want to get over my shyness.
Now this birthday girl, was busy trying to hide behind people/the table. She couldn't stand without moving her body, and i didn't like it.
Yes it's not my business if she's shy or not, live and let live. Okay!
What's my point any way? Please don't be shy, you're going to miss a lot of opportunities if you're a shy person.


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