Never feel like a failure

You're not a failure, never feel like one.
It's okay if from time to time, you don't get the expected results,
Just keep on believing and moving onward.
With time you'll make it. I know you can get there.
I too once felt like a failure.
Seemed like the more i tried, the worse i got.
Yes! I cried in my bathroom
wondering why me? Why me Lord?
But i had two choices,
One, to lay there and cry over spilled milk.
Two, to stand on my feet and keep on pushing forward.
 After all, successful people have more failures in life  than the average man.
To rise above failure is the driving force of all successful men.
I couldn't have done it without God!
His gracious love kept me going each time i fell.
He gave me strength.
Would never let an exam, business, sadness bring me down.
I thought my failures were the end of the world,
Thinking how could i be dumb?
But now i realize my failures were meant to lift me up,
To motivate me, to take me to higher grounds!
The pain was all for my gain!
Thank you Jesus for never letting me give up.


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