Picking Your Nose In Public

One day my petrifying Efik teacher in school came into the class and saw a tiny little girl poking her finger into her nose, scratching and enjoying the sensational feeling that came with the scratching.
'Hey! You stupid girl! Doing such a foolish thing! You can't even use a handkerchief to clean that your dirty nose...' The whole class of fellow juniors turned to stare at the woman's latest victim.
Well, i was the unfortunate little girl and that was how

I learned not to pick my nose in public, the hard way (chuckling). 

I only remembered this incident, when i saw someone picking her nose in public as well. Lol.
Wasn't a good sight, trust me. The only time i pick my nose in public is when I'm so pressured to do it, i do mine in style! We all do this in public from time to time, perhaps unconsciously. Who wants to walk around with an uncomfortable feeling in his or her nose all day long.
But anyway, picking your nose in public isn't good manners, no doubt. Especially for the ladies.


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