Lessons life has taught me

Lessons Iife has taught me.

I did say i was going to write about this.

When i was writing my final exam in Secondary School, i had in mind that i was going to study economics in the university.
One day, my bosom friend announced that she was going to study English in uni. I thought to myself, 'oh, what a lame course to study, what job would you get and of what essence is it to study English.'
But a few months later, the very course i disdained was the very course my heart began to yearn for - English and Lit studies.
I wanted it with passion! It was where my heart was! I wanted to write for the rest of my life! How come any way? From hatred to love.
As if that wasn't enough, the university i applied for refused my application to study economics, which I'm grateful they did, now i dislike economics and I'm sure i wouldn't have been able to survive in such a course.
Glad, was i when i heard i wasn't admitted into economics, everything works out for the good of those that love the Lord, they say.
Then, i applied for English and Lit Studies, my dream course!
Uh huh, still, the same thing, i wasn't offered admission into ELS, rather i was given a course which i never ever thought of studying. A course which many run away from - Educational administration and planning.
Howbeit, i had a feeling deep down that God must've put me there for a reason, but still i hated the course.
Then it struck me!
For sometime, i had been praying to God, to help me not to look down on anyone.
And somehow, my entry into edu admin and planning, indirectly thought me that lesson, never to look down on anything, or on anyone.
God didn't have to use people to teach me this, He did this, opening my eyes to see further.
 Now, when people tell me that they want to study Theatre and Media arts in the university, rather than being scornful, you'd find me egging them on, advising them.

Everything i once looked down on, God gave them to me, to experience it, to know how it felt to have something which people look down on. Now i know, it's not as if those who look down on people/things are so perfect either.



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