My Days as a G..

Have i been boring of late? (Sad face).
My dears, i know I've been as 'constant' as the power supply in my country.
School hasn't been so easy for me, okay it's been easy and tough, but I seem lost. Maybe its because I'm a JJC (fresher) in the university.
You know sometimes i think, maybe i left secondary school too early, or maybe not. But i must tell you, i was really lost in my current University, now by God's grace, I'm finding my feet, which is still wobbly right now, but with time! With time!
I've got a lot of stories in my head, i want to write them down, i want to share them with you, but i seem not to find the time to do so.
I've been more faithful to my guitar than any other thing.

In all, God has kept me.
I just really want to thank God for keeping me alive and safe. Today, i could've died, on several occasions today, i could've had an accident, but God's mercies kept me. He shielded me from harms way, and i don't know what to say to Him, i want to say more than thank You father!

I held Half of a Yellow Sun today, ooh! (Giggles).
I wanted it to feel good, but i guess it's only a book, the Bible should excite me, more than a mere book.
Anyways, good bye for now, and watch out for my story:


Love you my people, one love.



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