That thing called fear

'Never be fearful, it's only in the mind,' someone said to us, as we sat down at our fresher's dinner night.
As i sat there, intently listening and jotting down things, i had no idea that a few moments later, fear would grip my entire being.
I was enjoying my dinner night with a close friend of mine, flaves, when someone called me out.
As soon as i heard what we were about to do, i began to shiver, luckily my voice was still intact, no shivering in it.
I was told that i was going to render a song with JohnnyKeyzz in the next five minuets. We had no song, it was just going to be  freestyle, we had no lyrics. I was nervous.
I took in a deep breathe, said my prayers and moved to the stage, the fear subsided. God helped me overcome my fear!
It was all in my mind, that i was going to mess up! Only in my mind! But we did well, thank you Jesus!

Now you see, the fear was only in my mind.
I like to use my experiences to tell tales, i hope it teaches, inspires and helps many people in such situations.
God bless :)


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