Through Sixie's Eyes

My Daddy calls me Sixtus, but my mommy calls me Sixie and i love her so much 'cause she makes the best cookies in the whole wide world.
Last year, mommy got me a little guitar. She said i was smart and I'd figure out how to play my new little guitar soon, which i did!
Tommy, my best friend in school even taught me how to write new songs and play them on my guitar.
If i live to grow up, I'm gonna be just like Tobby Mac, am going to write and produce songs for You.
Daddy thinks i should become a conservationist when i grow up because he says I've loved animals since i was a baby.
I love to watch the summer sun set, the skys are always the colours of gold and pink, and sometimes blue. It makes me think of You each time.
My Daddy says You're really beautiful, even more beautiful than the sunset and that is why I can't wait to meet you!
The doctor says i have just a few more weeks to live and that my Cancer is worsening.
I don't really understand all the doctor has been saying but Daddy reassured me that everything was going to be alright.
Mommy says from the way things are going, i might end up meeting You real soon.
It makes me so excited because I've heard so many wonderful things about You.
You love children a lot, Your kingdom is made of gold and that You have a mighty big mansion for me in heaven, which will be my new home. Daddy says we all will someday, live there together.
They told me you love me a lot, and i love you too Jesus.
Mommy says i might probably see you before my eighth birthday, which is in a few months time.
Can't wait to see you.
     Your loving Friend,



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