Half of a Yellow Sun

Have a lovely time reading :)

Ooh Yes!
 I'm happy i didn't waste my money on going to the cinema to watch Half of a Yellow Sun, an adaptation of Chimamanda Adichie's novel.
I remember when i first tried to get the movie from YouTube, i wasted a lot of MB to download an empty movie. It wasn't viewable.
But now, i can comfortably lay in the comfort of my room, with a plate of jollof rice and watch the movie through my phone.
Of course! I got the movie from a friend.
So.. here i come #HOAYS

Two days afterwards..
 Uhmm.. the movie was Ok.
Not as 'fantabulous' as everybody was screaming about it.. It's good! Quality! Excellent! BUT THERE IS A BUT!
The main book is still better than the movie anyway..


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