Hoping when all hope is lost: A true article — an emotional one

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God has seen my tears. 
He has heard my cries.
 It only seems little, but the burden is heavy.
For many weeks i have missed lectures, missed tests.
I've trekked over long distances just to rectify my problem at the University's Students Affairs.
 I've faced 'unheard' insults from friends who think I'm unserious because they barely see me in class.
I've stood under the sun waiting to be attended to.
For weeks! Only for a hostel!
 Many have done theirs — many who i came before them.
They've gotten accommodation!
 I've been patient! 
I've been calm!
I've wanted to give up on several occasions but i held on tight, hoping for a miracle.
 What will i do again God?
 Maybe God doesn't want me to get the hostel!
 I'm tired! 
I can't hold it all in anymore!
 Everyone at the students affairs now knows my face as a regular customer!
 Today is the day that i told God that I'm going to quit!
And today is the day that everything seems to fall apart!
Exams begin next week and i still don't have a corner!
I'm simply fed up! 
But I'll give it one final try! 



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