How Frank Edward and I Met Each Other

Some of my best stories are written in such moments as this. Moments when i have nothing to do in school, church or at the salon. Rather than staying idle, i just pick up my pen or my phone and write new stories. But today, I wonder what i shall write about.
Maybe i should recount one of my experiences in a more fantastical and fictitious manner.
Now, what past experience from my experience bank shall i retell...

Once upon a time.. time time..
It was one of those boring classes we had for 'double periods' back in secondary school, and my body ached so badly that all i wanted to do was to jump off my seat into a swimming pool.
Forty minuets seemed like three days to me or rather it seemed as though the earth had stopped moving.
The teacher himself wasn't helping matters. You know those teachers that come to class and talk slowly that the slowness of his speech can make the entire school sleep.
My time to escape had come! It was 'break time' and i was only too elated to leave the class.
Not only was it break time anyway, it was concert time!
My school was hosting a live gospel musical concert and from what i had heard, mega super stars were going to be there.
Before the teacher could even announce the next test, i had already bolted out!
Finally, something to be excited about in school, i thought to myself.
I hurriedly bought my snacks at the school's tuck shop and figuratively flew to the school hall.
Woaw! The excitement was great, i noted as i stepped into the hall. I never knew my school had so many students. I quickly located a comfortable looking seat close to the part of the stage where the band was.
I was too busy eating my snacks when this young girl came on stage. The entire audience went berserk! Even some teachers who were present were jumping on their chairs like babies.
I had never seen what i had seen. My mouth agape..
To be contd


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