Listen to the Voices of the Ghosts of Sinners

Am i the only one who can hear the voices of the ghosts of sinners?
Or is it just in my head!
The voices drive me crazy!
Sometimes they scream into my dreams!
Sometimes they whisper into my ears
Through the wind.
I see them too,
Their airy forms unstable.
They tell me He is real
They whisper things like
'Child follow not in our former ways,
He is real.
I wish i could come back,
I wish i could have a second chance,
Child listen to Him
And He will guide your ways,
Obey Him,
Serve Him,
He is the authority beyond all authorities.'
I wish I could stop their voices,
If only i could be free from them
But they say that;
'Like Gideon
I too am mighty
And like Deborah
I am great.'
The voices tell me
He is the deliverer of Israel.
Oh if they had another chance,
If only they could come back
And right their ways,
They would follow HIM.



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