Confessions of a sinner

Once, i was a sinner.
A young sinner.

I was in the world. The desires of the world were in me. I cared so much about how i looked, having 'cool' friends, what cool dresses i was going to wear and many other vain, worldly things.

Back in secondary school, i was a bash lover, i loved chatting with people online and i loved talking about unholy and bad things with people.
 I wanted people to see me as cool n hot. I wanted to make many friends and have xpensive clothes and make the most good looking hairstyle.

 I was all about the world.
i was worldly in everything. In my speech, actions, dressing, manners.
But in all this, i had respect for my body and it's parts reserved for my future husband.
I kept it sacred for fear of God.
For my body is His holy temple
At least this was the only morale I had in my.
Still that didn't clear the fact that was a sinner. 


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