Pouring out that hatred on paper

Excuse me,  but am I supposed to love you
OH mighty one
I'm not sure any longer
Should I hate you for trying to do what
Would benefit me? Though I see it not 
I wish I could say I hate you 
I hate you for giving me more than I can carry
I hate you for this
Why me
I don't want you to leave me. Just let me dislike
You for a moment and pour out my rage on
This paper in just a moment of anger and insanity
What kind of God are you? 
I long to go back to the world.  Just a taste
Just a sip and I'll be back
'I deceive myself'
Cause I'll never come back,  I may never come back. 
And am too scared to go to hell
I want to be in heaven 
I love you for letting me hate you. Why would you give me more burdens on my burden? 
Lord, do you hate me as well? 

Most of us feel this way. It's not a new feeling. But whenever such feelings and anger come,  feed on Deut 31.8.
God is not a liar when He says He'll never forsake you. The harder the test,  the sweeter the victory and the juicier the testimony. 


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