HAUNTED: The Awolowo's

Terror at the Awolowo's

I'd always known that the Awolowo's house just down my street was haunted. Strange cries of a baby were always heard there every fourth week of every month. We don't celebrate Halloween in my part of the world but Tosyn, my best friend had insisted that we marked it — at the haunted Awolowo's. Local gossip has it that Prof. Awolowo, the former occupant of the house had sacrificed all his 'unborn' children in order to get rich, that was why he was childless. Many say his wife was an accomplice who willingly 'gave out' her children to her husband but i never believed them because Mrs. Awolowo seemed a nice woman to me. She usually bought sweets for me whenever she met me at Mama Moses' shop. Now the Awolowo's had disappeared and the house was deserted.
31st October turned out to be the perfect day for I and Tosyn's Halloween celebration, after all that was Halloween day. My parents were out of town and so were Tosyn's. My younger siblings were still having extramural classes in school so i had ample time.
Armed with a torch-light, Tosyn led the way that rainy afternoon. We sneaked in through the back gate of the Awolowo's 'Haunted Mansion.' We didn't want anyone to see us and thanks to the rain, the neighbours were all indoors. Tosyn and i searched for a way into the house through the backyard. We couldn't risk being seen by anyone at the frontage. Luckily i found a broken wall close to the side of the building, we squeezed ourselves through it.
Torch-light on, i followed the light as Tosyn pointed the torch carefully on several objects. A malodorous smell hit our noses almost knocking the sweet breathe out of my lungs.
What we saw made chills run down our spines. The house was neatly arranged, only dusty. There were many framed pictures of Awolowo and his wife in different countries, on the wall. This was apparently his sitting room.
Tosyn's torchlight caught a trail of blood on the floor, the trail ran up to the staircase which led to the bedrooms on the second floor. I was already scared, i could feel a ghostly presence around us.

"Tosy," i grabbed his arm,

"Tosy let's leave here please, it's not safe at all oh."

Tosyn shook his head, he was playing the tough guy now but i knew Tosyn, he was as scared as i was but his curiosity would never let fear take its place.

"You sef don't spoil all the fun now, let's just check what's upstairs then we'll go, i promise."

He smiled, and beautiful gap teeth smiled at me too. He held my hand but I didn't move. I knew it was a bad idea, i could have waited outside while Tosyn did all his curiosity asked him to do but i couldn't just leave Tosyn alone, i felt responsible for him at that moment. He gave me a little pull and i obliged. Halfway up the stairs we heard footsteps run across a room upstairs.

"Tosy abeg na, let's go biko, mbok, s'il te plait, let us leave now please." I was hyperventilating already and i could feel a strange cold sweat all over me.

"Maybe Prof. Awolowo has a dog that is still alive, let's just check na please." Tosyn pleaded.

"Tosy I've warned you oh! I don't like this thing at all. Let's go now. Do you know if ... "

"Ahhhhh ..." Tosyn screamed as an invisible hand pulled him down the stairs, pulling me along to the floor. The torchlight dropped and went off. Everywhere was pitch dark. Sharp pains shot through my left arm as i struggled to get up, i could hear Tosyn writhing in pains somewhere across the room. Somewhere.

"You, we don dey wait for you tey tey." Two ghostly voices whispered into my ear. I rushed to stand up but i could feel the cold ghostly fingers on my back restraining me.



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