MARY SLESSOR: The White Queen Of Okoyong.

Mary Mitchell Slessor, a red haired scottish missionary with blue eyes born to Robert & Mary Slessor. Being the second of seven children.
Her father was a shoemaker-alcoholic who l orked as a labourer in a mill to fend for mary and her sisters.
Mary slessor was a devout Presbyterian. When she heard that David Livingstone, a famous missionary and explorer had died, she decided to follow in his footsteps.
A year later, she set sail for West Africa and was sent to the Calabar region where witchcraft and sacrificing of twins were prevalent.
She saved the lives of many twin babies who were thrown into bushes, she eventually adopted a twin baby girl (who had lost her twin brother) as her own daughter and named the baby Janie.
While in Africa, Mary heard that her mother and sister had died, she was overwhelmed with lonliness and wrote: "there is no one to write and tell my stories & nonsense to).
She stayed with the people of Okoyong for 15years, learned to speak the native tongue of the people- efik- and earned herself the nickname 'Obongawan Okoyong' meaning Queen of Okoyong.
Not only did she evangelize to to the people but settled disputes, encouraged trade, western education and campaigned for injustice against women.
For 40 years she suffered from malaria and it weakened her over the years.
She eventually died after a severe fever on the 13th of January, 1915 aged 66.


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