My very first attempt at saving was when I was about 6 or 7 years old. A friend and I joined our money together and kept record of it in a paper.
In 2015 a friend of mine, Ikomense, taught me how to save money in a bottle and we had a goal; we were each going to save at least N1000 every month so we could save up enough money to attend FECA's 10th Eastern Regionalgional convention, but you see, didn't go down too well anyway, in the third month of my bottle banking I broke the bottle and extracted all my hard earned saved money from it — after all desperate needs called for desperate measures. But I didn't give up on saving. In fact after that incident I was determined to open a real bank account and continue my savings journey. I did open a GTB account a few months later and deposited my first few thousand Nairas into the account. I was super excited about this accomplishment. I told myself that I was going to keep on saving money until it became huge enough to sponsor my education overseas (Hey! I needed to dream big and motivate myself to save more.) While filling in the details of my transactions in the process of opening my second bank account, I looked at the amount of money people were filling in:
 N95,000 , N150,000 , N200,000 and I looked at the N1,000 I had filled in. I simply shook my head and smiled when this scripture flashed through my mind "DESPISE NOT THE DAYS OF THY HUMBLE BEGINNINGS."
They call us the microwave generation. We want to boom and grow fast but we forget that it takes a great Iroko tree tens and even hundreds of years to grow and become mighty. Growth is a gradual process and so is success. Be patient, don't compare yourself to people that are not on the same level with you, God will do it for you at the right time if you keep trusting in him.
My GTB account currently holds less that N100 in it but i haven't given up cause I know very soon, I will send out relief materials to people through that same account. So like I said, "DESPISE NOT THE DAYS OF THY HUMBLE BEGINNINGS."
Today i save N1,000 tomorrow i'd save £1,000,000. Just keep working hard and stay consistent in whatever you do. We started out as Babies now look how grown we've become. Same thing with your desires/projects, with time everything grows so be patient.


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