I came back home today, the 16th day of the 24th month of the timeless age. I've never enjoyed the virtual food given in school so i gave mine to Nelly, the girl from the lower digital caste. Famished and tired from school, i went to the digiputer and ordered for some ice cream, African salad and cheeseburgers. It wouldn't place my order through, i guess it was broken. I couldn't stand the hunger so i went to my papa's room to tell him about it. On my way to his room i heard some voices coming from his library, it was my papa's and he seemed to have visitors with him, i knew better than to interrupt. Cast down and tired i was about to go back to my room when i heard someone in the room mention my name, i went closer to listen.

'She's too young to descend now, she's only a minor.' I heard my papa say.
And i knew immediately they were sending me down to earth, a place my ancestors once called home, but that wasn't my home. That moment, i knew my freedom was about to end.


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