What if our whole life is just a Miracle?

A couple of years ago i was literally dying to have a guitar. I came back home one day and found a guitar in my room.
Then i wanted badly to know how to play it so i sent a voice note of me singing with the few chords i had learned, to my sister and she decided to sponsor my guitar lessons. 
After the guitar lessons i wanted to know more so i found YouTube videos and scored them. 
Then i wanted to teach people how to play the guitar and they came in troupes that i had to turn most down.
I also wanted to know more again so i found someone to teach me more. 

But in my quest for all these i faced many obstacles.

I thought i was never going to own a guitar when i wanted one. 
I didn't have the money to pay for classes.
I felt i was never going to be able to switch fast enough between chords.
I thought i was never going to teach anybody how to play the guitar because i thought i was bad.
I felt slow and unoriginal when i began.
I had friends who composed songs, in many months i was only able to come up with one song.

Today when i look back at how far I've come, i simply say wow! I never thought i would be here.

How about you? Are there things in your life that you can also wow about?


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