Seriously! I've always known there was something magical, mythical and mysterious about simply BELIEVING. 
So God created the entire world by speaking and believing, after all he's God, but wait, didn't he say we are gods too? That means you can simply believe the invisible into matter, sounds impossible?
I recently read an amazing book titled "50 Success Classics" by Tim Buttler Bowden. This book is utterly amazing! 
Studying the life of 50 successful and powerful people in the world over a period of over 2,000 years including Sun Tzu, one thing is evident in the lives of these successful people, it isn't just passion, isn't just diligence, it's a little thing called BELIEF. Yes your life is a sum total of your beliefs.
Henry Ford was meant to be a farmer like his dad but he had a passion and BELIEVED in something more. He quit his first job over his automobile dream, he quit his second again, even when people told him he couldn't make an automobile that could be affordable by all as an automobile then was mostly used by the rich, Henry Ford didn't quit, he knew he could do it. Many years later he did it! Although he faced many obstacles but boy o boy was his belief strong. 

Today, i didn't have even a penny on me to take a taxi to school and i wasn't willing to trek either, i had no choice anyway, i just had to trek. But before i left for school i told myself that i wouldn't have to trek, i told myself that i was going to ask my mom for money and she WOULD give it to me and also, someone would pick up to school. I simply believed and these two things happened to me just as i had believed. 
See what the Bible says about believing too in Matt 21:22.

Don't just believe and stand there, work hard and believe!



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